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Fashion is a powerful weapon that is used to speak about subjects that embrace the problems of the world.  The Dior feminist t-shirts last year said “We should all be feminists’’ , which comes from the title of the book from the Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The current political tension in the world gave the start to the BOOM of the political t-shirts trend.  

Designers, bloggers, and digital influencers are feeling the need to send a message to the world. This is giving the trend more exposure and is reaching the majority of early adopters.

Dozens of designers and brands showed the world how unsatisfied they are with our societal  issues. One of the most protested topics on the runways were the dissatisfaction with President Trump and his position against immigrants. After all, most designers are immigrants or have friends that are immigrants.  

Prabal Gurung, born in Singapore,  was one of the designers that had the most impact on protesting. He said his inspiration to create his famous t-shirts were inspired from the posts about the  Women’s March, in which he was present.      In addition, he also was one of the few artists who was concerned about having plus size models.     


Jonathan Simhkai not only ended his show with a t-shirt that said “ feminist AF’’ , but also distributed to everyone in the front row.  


Brands with t-shirt messages:

Alicia and Olivia
Creatures of comfort
Public school
Christian Siriano


The museum at FIT

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